WVRWA Cyber Security Update

Release Date: Wednesday, July 15, 2020
Attachment: West_Virginia_Rural_Water_Association_Cybersecurity_Update.pdf


West Virginia Rural Water Association Cybersecurity Update


West Virginia Rural Water Association here with a quick update regarding cybersecurity and tips on identifying genuine WVRWA communication.


As our industry continues to integrate digital services like email into our daily work, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that we are taking efforts to be as secure as possible when online. Here are some tips to help confirm that online communication you may receive with our name on it is truly coming from us:


·         When you receive an email claiming to be sent from West Virginia Rural Water Association staff, check the email address of the sender to determine if it is correct. If it isn't an @wvrwa.org email address, it likely isn't from us.


·         If you were not expecting any direct communication from us, be especially critical of both the sender's information as well as the content of the email.


·         Be particularly careful about the sender's information if you receive communication directly asking you for private information. Feel free to contact us over the phone or through a new email message if you would like confirmation that we reached out to you.


·         Be mindful in general when reading an email claiming to be from WVRWA or WVRWA staff. Some inauthentic emails can be convincing, so it is important to take the time to examine the message closely before you respond.


We encourage you to contact us with any questions or information regarding West Virginia Rural Water Association and proper cybersecurity!