West Virginia Rural Water Association (WVRWA) proudly represents over 285 public water and wastewater systems in all 55 counties of West Virginia. Formed in 1985, the overall purpose of WVRWA is to work for the improvement of rural water and wastewater systems.  This is to be done through a systematic approach of on-site technical assistance, classroom training, and grassroots legislative initiatives and lobbying. 

v  Representation in Charleston

   Since its inception in 1985, WVRWA has excelled in each of these areas.  The Association has 14 fulltime employees who provide training and information, technical assistance, and guidance.  During each session of the West Virginia Legislature, the WVRWA Executive Director represents the Association in Charleston as a registered lobbyist. Their efforts coupled with the tremendous response of WVRWA’s membership have enabled the Association to accomplish a great deal during recent sessions.  In fact, WVRWA has received National Rural Water Association’s (NRWA) coveted “Excellence in State Legislation” award for three consecutive years, 2002, 2003, 2004 and again in 2006.  Never in the history of NRWA has a state association received this award in as many consecutive years. 


v Communication to Members

   During each Legislative Session WVRWA provides weekly updates via e-mail through the Association's new electronic newsletter Legislative E-Brief.  Every two weeks during Legislative sessions, WVRWA publishes a comprehensive newsletter, Legislative Update, and mails this publication to the membership and also posts this document to the Association web site.  This publication lists the sponsors, committee references, date of introduction, and purpose of the bill.  When a call to action is needed from the membership, WVRWA produces and distributes the Water Hammer.  Just as its name implies, this publication is used to make noise to persuade lawmakers to either support a critically needed bill or to defeat a bill that has negative ramifycations for water and wastewater systems.  WVRWA takes every measure to contact its members during West Virginia’s legislative sessions.  No other state association compares with the level of service WVRWA provides in the legislative arena.


v A National Presence

   WVRWA’s lobbying efforts do not end at Charleston. The Association has an outstanding reputation and relationship among West Virginia’s national delegation.  Each spring, WVRWA participates in NRWA’s Washington Water Rally.  At this time, Board members and the Executive Director visit West Virginia’s congressional delegation and provide each official with a comprehensive report detailing the effectiveness of WVRWA.