Alpine Lake Public Utilities Company
1813 Alpine Lake Road
Terra Alta, WV 26764


ALPUC is pleased to announce that you can now view and pay your bill online!  Please refer to the online access / online bill pay tab for more information.


Hello & Welcome, The Alpine Lake Public Utilities Company, which many call ALPUC, is a government-regulated, licensed, not-for-profit public utility. Formed in 1973, it has existed as a separate and completely independent corporate entity since 1990. Its businesses are water distribution and wastewater collection. ALPUC's distribution and collection systems are the largest in Preston County, subject to the same rules and regulations as those of any city, small or large (Terra Alta, Fairmont, New York City, etc.). Most ALPUC customers agree that we serve them wonderful water. We have our own wells in aquifers fed by mountain springs. No industrial complexes are nearby to spoil the quality of our water. People move to Alpine Lake for its peace and serenity, both directly related to the low-density development at Alpine Lake. Commercial customers are few, the biggest being the Alpine Lake Property Owners Association, which operates a lodge, golf course, and small motel.  ALPUC currently employs five field staff and two office personnel. ALPUC is guided by a 5-person volunteer Board of Directors. A non-stock corporation, ALPUC is not owned by anyone, but simply exists in the public domain. The primary responsibility of the Board of Directors is the financial stability of the company. Directors are elected to revolving 3-Year terms by the Members of the company. A Member is anyone who receives service from ALPUC.  Alpine Lake is a late 1960's development of more than 2300 lots. There are approximately  500 houses currently, spread around a golf course and a lovely mountain lake. ALPUC does serve several customers outside Alpine Lake, however, and is subject to government regulation regarding water and sewer main extensions.

ALPUC BOARD  MEMBERS Jim Wachter - President, Mike Kubina - Board Member, Kay Bayer - Board Member, David Tucker - Secretary, Boris Nazaroff - Board Member

Public meetings for 2017 will be held in conjunction with the ALPOA meetings in March, June (annual meeting), September and November.