Knowing the financial challenges that face many of our member systems, WVRWA is offering another advantage to its members.  WVRWA recently launched a redesigned website at  As part of that initiative, members now have the ability to create their own website free of charge.

 The entire website is run by a content management system, allowing any member system to create and update their specific web pages through a simple word processing interface.  If someone in your system can use Microsoft Word – you have the ability to maintain this web site.  There are four simple steps to the actual maintenance of the site:

 1.       Log in

2.       Select the Text or Area You want to Change

3.       Type the information you want to display on the web site

4.       Click the save button

 This web system allows members to update text, photos, videos and hyperlinks.  This is a vital tool WVRWA is offering its members as it aids in community knowledge, public notices and general system news and events. 

 Members can request a free demonstration of the website and sign up by contacting Lamar Godbey or Ryan Wheeler, or by calling the office at 800-339-4513.

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