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The State of West Virginia is in need of huge investments for clean and safe drinking water and adequate sewer systems. The West Virginia Infrastructure and Jobs Development council was enacted in 1994 to help determine the need and appropriate funds. This information was developed to help legislators, county and city officials and the general public in an effort to answer important questions and help you learn more about the Infrastructure Council.

Recognizing that West Virginia’s water and sewer infrastructure needed enormous investment, the 1994 Legislature enacted the Infrastructure and Jobs Development Act – Chapter 31, Article 15. The Act, which was approved by the voters, authorized a $300 million bond issuance to assist in development of drinking water, wastewater, and economic development projects. The Infrastructure Council provides financial assistance for the construction of water and sewer systems in all geographic areas of the State.

How Can the Infrastructure Council Help?

The Infrastructure Council uses the limited funds it has available to leverage additional federal, state, local and private funding that will help develop water, sewer, and economic development projects throughout the State. Therefore, the Infrastructure Council can provide a comprehensive overview of water and sewer needs and areas where consolidation of small systems can save money and provide better service for more residents. 

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