Hours for Education and Learning Program

      Mary Hutson is the training specialist for WVRWA’s Hours for Education and Learning Program (HELP).  The HELP Program is funded in part under an agreement with the West Virginia Department of Health & Human Resources, Bureau for Public Health, Office of Environmental Health Services.   Mary Hutson’s email address is maryhutson@wvrwa.org


WVRWA Training Program

     The  WVRWA Training and Technical Assistance Program is WVRWA’s original flagship training program for water operators.  It offers a wide variety of drinking water training sessions at convenient locations across the state.   Lamar Godbey’s email address lamargodbey@wvrwa.org


Wastewater Training Program

      For the past nine years, WVRWA has been providing outstanding classroom training for West Virginia’s wastewater professionals at convenient locations in each region of the state.  Danny Vestal & Jim Johnson are WVRWA’s wastewater training technicians.  Danny Vestal can be emailed at danielvestal@wvrwa.org and Jim Johnson can be emailed at  jimjohnson@wvrwa.org